Comida KIN

Pacific Northwest Mexican
Farm to Food Truck

About us

       Comida KIN is a farm to food truck restaurant-on-wheels, we focus on utilizing high quality vegetables and provide you with top quality local ingredients. We connect to our community through local farmers, businesses and producers.
    We are inspired by our Mexican and American heritages and the Pacific Northwest bounty. We strive to integrate traditional Latin American ingredients with the cuisine for which the Pacific Northwest has become famous. We call it Spanglish Sol Food.; offering you food that makes us hungry.
     We strive to feed our community local, healthy, nutritious food. Part of our mission is to help feed people in need.  We volunteer weekly making ready to eat meals for those who need.. If you are in need of a hot meal or know anyone who is, please reach out to us. All humans are worthy of good food.
        To find out where we will be open follow us on Instagram, or check our Facebook page, where we will post up to date menus and locations. Check out our sample menus for brunch and dinner.  Our menus change weekly depending on what is in season.
You can follow us on Instagram @comidakin or Facebook
Buen Provecho!

Rodrigo and Mary, husband and wife, chef/owners of Comida KIN food truck in Hillsboro, OR

What we do

We love to feed people. We also love to help others; though raising money to donate or with direct action by feeding others. We believe every body deserves to eat the best quality and best tasting food. when you eat our food you are not only nurturing yourself, but you are helping your community. so keep up the good work!

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"People who love to eat are always the best people"

- Julia Child

Comida Farms

It takes a community to operate a small business. We are grateful to all our fellow small business owners who work so hard to provide us with amazing products to work with. We get our dried corn for our tamales from Sparrowhawk Farm, corn for the cornbread comes from Evans Farm and Provisions, our dried beans come from Working Theory Farm, Sparrowhawk Farm and Evans Farm and Provisions. 100% of our vegetables are from local farmers who are working to restore healthy soil and care for the environment through restorative, organic and sustainable practices. You can find many of them at our local farmers markets in Downtown Hillsboro and Orenco, even at New Seasons.

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